Saturday, February 28, 2009


During the night and through and after dawn (angling west), snow. Miniature flakes. It was heaviest around 8:20, and by 8:45 almost imperceptible. - This is the last day-date-only title. - Another minimal song lyric is arriving. - All my heuristic math projects are in what was Salchert's Weblog (Sprintedon Hollow) and now is Sprintedon Migrasaurus. Don't know when, or even if, I will be posting more. In 1994 in Gainesville, Florida, I had a Kinko's store help me put together ten copies of a hand-written work of nearly 600 pages: Meanderings of an Amateur Mathematician. Fermat's Last Theorem was the focus of it. Convinced there was a geometrical proof, I began to seriously toy with it when I was in the Iowa MFA Program (1965-1967), but I soon/ set it aside. The mathematician now credited with proving that Fermat was right/ secretly forged on, driven by his childhood dream. At heart, what drives me is a need to accomplish more than any in my immediate family's prior generation. So far I am failing admirably. One does what one can. I do what I cannot. For several years I maintained a site at ThirdAge. In it was a project: Number Theory Investigations. That project has not yet been placed online again. Uncertain about it. I do know that someone made/ ten copies of it. - I am not your usual blogger. I am not your usual human. Just had another dozing dream. In it I lift a rug and two roaches scurry to a different hiding place. Why is it I drop into REM sleep so quickly? Why is it these dreams are consistently weird? I have an unexplainable fascination with Saturn's Titan moon. A playlet I wrote/ orbits it. - .1:21 -- Barely visible snow still. May have mentioned this, but because I have 6 posts of my old Tripod Brian's Brain log in this blog/ I will be posting the remainder of it in this blog. rho00304

Friday, February 27, 2009


Living Contradictions by Adam Fieled Read this PF post and the comments Hybrid Likes and Dislikes by Mark Wallace poems for Obama's first 100 days - At The Ghost in the Dumpster: a fun poem re Silliman's The Alphabet - At Money Rho: Closing Prices for 14 stocks rho00303

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Yesterday was difficult through the morning. - After midnight there's a 50% chance of wetness. - You never know what's around the corner unless you have a periscope, or command an advance guard snoop, or toss guesses into the air to see which way the winds blow. Cum see, cum saw, cum he haw haw - The DOW went down but the bank stocks went up. - At Money Rho: When buyers no longer trust - Circumstances may have finally pushed me into becoming a vegetarian. - Watched a Murray Gell-Mann TED talk. - By my irreproachable reckoning Wallace Stevens and John Ashbery are magic carpet poets. rho00302

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


From top to bottom along the left margin: * About Me * my other blogs * Labels * Literary and related * Like List * Unlike List * mostly links to poems of mine * 1972 Rooted Sky/ cover and information * Archive * Followers - three lines - a date and/ my name rho00301

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


At PM12:17 outside my bedroom window were starlings, robins, juncos, cardinals, and mourning doves. - Earlier this morning in mildly chilly, windy and rainy weather, a secret device arrived. - Of the stocks I am tracking, the only one down today was ABX (the gold stock). - Was over at Silliman's Blog a few times. Read The Village Voice Michael Robbins interview conducted by Zach Baron, and then read Rob Mackenzie's insights about Alien vs Predator. See Mackinzie, Rob in Author list for link to his blog. Later I left this comment: * 2007-02-24 Enjoying the ride is my response to poems by Wallace Stevens and John Ashbery, both of whom I call magic carpet poets. I am here via links at Silliman's Blog, and I've read Zach Baron's interview. About this poem by Michael Robbins-- which I have read several times--I noted in a blog post that it "flies over my head"; but that's okay, given the growing multitudes of signs-upon-signs. No one can be aware of a nanospeck of what's avail- able. At least this poem is not what I might picture Murray Gell-Mann writing. I'm pleased Mr. Robbins writes poems that are not like--well, he knows--even if he does give Rilke a hard time in this poem. * - Yes, the "7" s/h/b "9", but lately I've been in a 2007 rut. At one point, fearing I might lose my comment when I submitted it, I wrote it down in my notebook, and even as I did that I did not notice I had "2007" instead of "2009". God loves minds where dry seeds rattle around and nothing grows. - Reminder at 10:17 PM: Check each week to see if Kunstler has written a new article. The one this week is: The Abyss Stares Back rho00300

Monday, February 23, 2009


Was out shopping from 9 AM until near 1 PM. - While I was away the stock market was into a run below 7200 for the djia. - Have visited several blogs, and am trying to digest a revelation which had been near the surface of my subconscious but had not impressed itself upon me as strongly as it did during the night. Not saying more yet. - an exceptional, heartening TED talk: Elizabeth Gilbert on Genius rho00299

Sunday, February 22, 2009


* "I write because I would like to live forever." "I have an intense desire to rescue those things that have touched me and place them somewhere for safekeeping, which is both impossible and utterly necessary." "There is no guarantee that one will reach any of one's goals in this life. But not to struggle toward those goals is to guarantee that they won't be achieved." "And never to forget beauty, however strange or difficult." * The above are quotes from Reginald Shepherd's Why I Write revised. - - rho00298

Saturday, February 21, 2009


9:00 AM -- Between the buildings the rollin' gusts can get to grousin' 'n' howlin' some. That is what it was doin' durin' the dark hours. So when I op'd the drapes/ seein' snow and juncos wasn't a shock, but the robin in the sturdy bush which appears to be in a budding mood--not sure what it felt. The air's still billowin' some, but the snow clouds have gone on toward the east and light has overlaid things in those places where it can. - 9:17 AM -- If I'm able to gather the necessaries for it, wiil be posting in Kyphotic Hermit later. - At Joshua Corey's blog are reports and videos of a Lake Forest Festival. Here's an e-whip to the second report/ wherein don't miss the aria sung by Christian Bök, the likes of which will sting your ears and shake your brain. - Two poems from a year 2000 stock market memoir are now in Scatterings at S M. - 7:20 PM -- Have a link to an interview up at K H: Tom Beckett with K Silem Mohammad. rho00297

Friday, February 20, 2009


At Money Rho later a post named Developments. - Have been making changes again here. Went to weekly archiving, set main page to 7 posts, and moved Archives to second last position. Also added and to Not-Ads General list. Literary and related will be getting - A goodly number of the sites I visit display blog lists. The destinations in these provide insights. Their formats provide other insights. It's a who's popular with whom kind of thing for the most part. Age seems to matter too though there are exceptions. - Watched a TED video about the TED project for over an hour this morning. Wasn't able to watch all of it because at 8:35 I had to leave this room. I had watched several TED videos/ before engaging this one, but here is a program video from earlier this month: Juan Enriquez and Homo Evolutis rho00296

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Market hit a new low. One analyst has said that he expects a market bottom in June or July 2009. - Count me with those who are against foreclosure. - Lord of the Flies - Had to stop eating the cold meat I bought. The dryness of it makes it too hard to chew. - Perfection is a delicacy. Let those who care to/ eat it. - When the end came, I was asleep. - Something is happening in blogland that I am not privy to. rho00295

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This morning over at KSM's I responded to Jordan's response to my original comment. I have written it in my notebook but won't be placing it here. Then a semi-dark individual, having determined it was necessary, laid out a proper definition of capitalism. Probably it was just as well; but, alas, my simple-dimple definition done got misunderstood. Shoulda known. So I'll be replacing it. - About 4:05 this afternoon the outside temp was in the mid 50's. So went out to get my mail. The wind out of the northwest was so brusk in the breezeway, I felt I was in a refrigerator. Got the mail anyway, but almost lost my cap when I came back in. - Capitalism - On Don Share's blog today was a related poem by Paul Blackburn. - Analysts are conflicted regarding what to do about the two zombie banks: BofA and Citi. rho00294

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


At S M is a very short song lyrics post. It came to me during my sleep time. - I sometimes go to another blog on a whim, and I often find something meaningful to me. That happened today at Noah Cicero's, Loren Webster's, and Mark Wallace's. Wallace had a post I left a fairly long comment beneath. His post is: Michael Theune on Third Way Poetics and my comment is the fifth one. * Third Way does not qualify as a movement. It may qualify as a category name for a poet who does not wish to be associated with any coterie and with coteries whose members contend their poetics keep them outside of accepted historical movements. Michael Theune obviously knows more about contemporary poets than many of us do, and I think it would be good if he pro- vided a list beyond what he has provided here. Such a variety of approaches to language occurred in the 20th Century that many now feel free to do as they please. Several days ago Joseph Hutchison placed a link to D. A. Powell in a post on his blog. I knew of Powell before his ap- pearance at Harriet, but I hadn't seen a photo of him nor read a biography of him nor read an essay on poetics by him. All these are at AAP. The photo has a haunting quality, the biography explains the photo, and the essay substantiates the biography. It is a fine essay. I was most struck by Powell's simile/ metaphor/metonomy reasoning: each thing is its own thing; no thing is another thing; no thing is like another thing. This is why simile and metaphor have/ lost the power they once had. Does this place him closer to the so-called Language poets? Can't say. What I can say is that the technologies created by humans/ moved the experiences of the everyday away from simple unities and toward more complex atomizations. Now we get such questions as: "Is God a mathematician?" Better stop before I disappear over a cliff. - A response from one Jordan Davis to me regarding the capitalism part of my #70 comment at Kasey S. Mohammad's Lime Tree showed up in the stream there. It is a good response. I knew I might get in trouble over it. Tomorrow I'll try to respond back. - AAP means American Academy of Poets. D. A. Powell A link to his essay is on the right. rho00293

Monday, February 16, 2009


Visit with GP was okay. Had more blood drawn. This time for a platelets test. Given how the day-to-day for me has been, I'm ready for just about anything. Bought a slice of pumpkin pie after the visit. Back here with it, I ate it a bit too fast. During the 6 PM hour I ate a small can of sliced beets. It is now 7:55 PM and the beets are annoying my stomach. After 8:30 I need to drink one of those high-calorie nutrition nasties and take my head pill. - The following is comment 70 beneath KSM's "Dale Smith Deals Death Blow to Flarf" post: * KSM is quite sharp and quite subtle. To me, he's not backing off one millimeter from his aesthetic persuasion as a Flarfist. An author makes what that author is moved to make. That is how it is, and is how it/ should be. And if an author does forsake one persuasion for another, so what? As to capitalism, my basic definition of it is: capitalism = something to sell + plus some- one to buy it. The comment thread here is interesting and someways useful, but even if no money changes hands because of it, its roots are the capitalist ones of power, fame, wealth. So says baj (as in garage). Toodles - Plan to buy a blender so I can get better food in me than what I've been eating. A gas pain reminded me my doctor also said that it may take a while before I'll know how effective the dilation was. I was given information before the procedure, and one of the points was about expecting gas, a normal side effect. If, however, it builds up in my stomach and doesn't find a way out, I will need to contact the doctor who did the procedure. - If after a human dies, that's it--no spirit that lives on--that human will never know it. rho00292

Sunday, February 15, 2009


9:21 AM Not in forecast but obviously a cloud with light snow in it passed. - Am reading the first essay in Allan Bloom's book, and am also reading the preface for Crash Proof by Peter D. Schiff. - Have been involved with mostly computer maintenance routines so far. - Will be posting the minimal song lyrics for "When" in a few minutes. - Just so you know: I do not mind if a comment I post on another person's blog gets rejected. - Seems I am constantly trying to re-imagine the past. - At 3:33 PM "Carousel" song lyrics (sl47) posted. rho00291

Saturday, February 14, 2009


During the early morning hours some song lyrics came to me, but I have no title for them yet; so I figure I'll post them tomorrow. - Post 17 at Kyphotic Hermit is up, or down, or off-center: I Cant Stand Being Human - Read this short post by Bill Knott: smile. - Just remember: some boys who live in France are some places known as French fries. - In the future I will be linked with Ogden Nash and Dorothy Parker. rho00290

Friday, February 13, 2009


Made a silly poemoid out of the nickname I gave myself. And here it is! - The air was frisky today/ but warm enough to be tolerable for a normal person. I, as you know, am sub-normal; so I had to layer my cover: undershirt, long-sleeved corduroy shirt, wind breaker. Took an empty cookie carton which I'd placed in a box made for a dozen fancy donuts/ up & over to the dumpster. On the walk back I retrieved my mail which happened to be just two letters, thank you. - At Money Rho I started what I am labeling salcherts weekly stock watch. Nothing fancy. There are eleven stocks in this one. - Will soon be a new rumination in Kyphotic Hermit and hopefully the continuation of Brian's Brain in Sprintedon Migrasaurus. rho00289

Thursday, February 12, 2009


8:05 PM -- President Abraham Lincoln's birthday remembrance bicentennial. - Frost on the hip roofes and the lawn early this morning. Airy clouds. In general a pleasant day. - If I can motivate me sufficiently, will be posting at Money Rho some thoughts about personal and family finances. It will be both basic and slightly advanced. Possible title: Protect Inspect Inject Protect. The purpose is to provide steps, especially for younger people, to perpetual solvency. Little in it will originate from me, but will be general knowledge I have culled and organized. - Four up and four down today, with CNO below $2.00 & BAC below $6.00. - Read a comment I need to read again. If I find it, I will present the gist of it here. Found it, but can't change it. It's beneath Silliman's 2009-02-10 list of links. It's Gary B. Fitzgerald's comment. - Have begun reading Alan Bloom's Giants and Dwarfs. rho00288

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


5:12 PM -- Rainy windy throughout the morning and cloudy cold through the afternoon. I was gone for a needed esophageal procedure. Was expecting to be extremely hungry. - DJIA went up a little and all 8 stocks on my watch list went up. This bear market seems to be stalking. - 6:27 PM -- Was told this might happen. True, I do doze off while at this keyboard, but I-- and talk about hungry, my hunger went as far as one multivitamin and some nutrition drink sips, afterwhich (a sandwhich you eat after you die) I head to the toilet to pass a tiny thank you piss. - If you ever have your esophagus dilated, be near a toilet moments later/ because when the odd-liquid void hits, its hits like a flash flood. - For the longest while I hadn't been getting any calls on my land line. Lately I have been getting several each day. Someone is trying to annoy me. That someone is. I do not answer my land line, and if I can keep the smidgen of sanity I yet have, I will not ever again answer my land line/ even if it is E. A. Poe or Alfred H.. - Wizzards and gizzards in winter blizzards! En garde! -- Cliche! - 6:54 PM -- It's about time the heat went on. rho00287

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


3:41 PM -- Mostly cloudy but unusually warm along with an unusual gathering in the yard. The juncos which come through here are said to be a winter bird. First flock of them I have seen, however, arrived this afternoon. Robins in these parts are Spring birds, but there is one robin out there, and mourning doves with their whistling wings have been in and out. Don't know where the cardinal pair are. Do know I expect to be shutting down and unplugging this system tonight. - When compressed, b a j = baj; baj equals bad ass jerk (a new kind of dance), or = bury ashes joyfully. Baj baj baj baj baj think i'm gonna live in a garage Shadows can be my entourage baj baj baj baj baj - Market down nearly 400 points but one of the stocks I am watching went up. * Traders were not helped by what came out of Washington. It's going to be a rough ride. * See J. H. Kunstler's Poverty of Imagination - 6:34 PM -- Hope is the only word for tomorrow. rho00286

Monday, February 9, 2009


Nothing at Money Rho but one new link. All the stocks I'm following went up. - William Michaelian and I and others are trying to reduce the number of anger bubbles in PoetryLand. It is impossible. Opinions too engrained stand against us. Yet we will, as we always have, continue to support making over the imperatives of makers. - News from 400 years ago. Galileo garnered the glory and suffered from the ire of those who were haughty in a different manner from how he was haughty. However, unbeknownst to them, an extremely brilliant, humane, quiet Englishman named Thomas Harriot, was the first to draw maps of the moon after viewing it through a telescope. In the UK on July 26 of this year there will be a celebration honoring Harriot and his work in the field of astronomy. Here is more about this polymath. And here is a crafty video of the Indigo Girls singing their Galileo. Try not to miss the text of the last message. rho00285

Sunday, February 8, 2009


How can one be creatively centrist while also being far left and far right and who-knows-where between? By cultivating an adventurous openness. - Posted a comment beneath bubbling BAC about its strange chart action 2009-02-05. - Nada Gordon is not a guy, and yet she is. She's a guy (as in that which braces) for the Flarf experience. rho00284

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Events conspired to sidetrack my intentions today. Adam Fieled, a young 33, who is trying to define his aesthetic ideology, wrote in a post about the history-centered Jerome McGann: "I can say this: we want to keep the 'base' of what the Lang-Po crew erected, but we want sensation, sex, humanity, emotion, and narrative again." The more I thought about this post, the more I saw/ I am a centrist. Henry Gould has inaugurated The Plumbline School of poetry, a profoundly centrist entity. But as with everything else, there is more than one way to be a centrist, and I do not feel I would feel comfortable outside my own vision. - Have more to say about BAC's strange chart on Thursday past. - Want to see something really strange? Enter the space above my ceiling: 16. rho00283

Friday, February 6, 2009


Each blog now has a few words beneath its title. - Unless an extraordinary event occurs, trading figures for stocks I am tracking will only be posted weekly. - Back in 2000 I began a journal/diary sequence called Brian's Brain in Tripod, a place I was eventually forced to leave. Presently there are 6 sections of it in Rhodingeedaddee. I finally decided today that I will be posting the remainder of it in Sprintedon Migrasaurus. Accordingly I have labeled those here in Rho-- brians brain and have inserted a link to them in S M's Internal Link List. - Rule 4: Jesus rarely became passionately angry, but sometimes a higher love takes precedence. The day he threw the money changers out of his Father's temple was one of those times. rho00282

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Is music transcended mathematics? - Added 24/7 Wall St to link list at Money Rho. - A precipitous drop through yesterday and into today saw BAC hit a new low of $3.77 but then head up. The volume was extra heavy, and after-hours trading saw the stock rise above $5.00. - Once I find where I hid my small stock market memoir I will put that up at Money Rho. - Rule 3: If you recall Jesus's parable of the talents, you know we are enjoined to use our means to learn and share new means, to improve our lives and the lives of others. rho00281

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 7956.66 today. See my comments beneath GNW, WCG, BAC, and CNO posts at Money Rho. - Added Mayflower (the ship, i.e.) descendent to Author List. Another young vibrant author. - If the efforts of the Aquarian Conspiracy humans succeed, Earth's future--which these days seems dangerously dark--will be radiant beyond belief. - Rule 2: Love, and do so gently, consistently, and without bias. rho00280

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Under Literary and related I added a link to Robert G. Shubinski's Glossary of Poetic Terms. - Shareholder discontent continues to put pressure on BAC which closed down again: today to $5.30 on high volume. Reminds me of 1987. * WCG: $15.63C / CNO: $2.03C / GNW: $2.39C / ING was up. - Rule 1: Always live within your means. rho00279

Monday, February 2, 2009


Have three ideas for posts in Kyphotic Hermit but none is ready yet. - GNW (Genworth Financial Inc) is new in Money Rho. - Tomorrow is a one-item voting day here. - At least 5 servings of vegetables and 5 of fruit each day. Plums, peaches, nectarines. Plums may be better than blueberries for fighting diseases, but eat the skin. Plums are cheaper. - At S M/ sl45-Gone. Added a link to Song Lyrics. See booklets/books of my poems and. rho00278

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Have been moving and changing extra items in Rhodingeedaddee and Sprintedon Migrasaurus. - Did get some necessary personal tasks done. - At S M are new song lyrics: sl44-He Knows. - Clear and mildly crisp today, but the next two days will be colder. - Need to go to bed early tonight in the hope that I will be able to take a medication that I was prevented from taking today by unexpected circumstances. Or something to that defect. rho00277