Monday, February 16, 2009


Visit with GP was okay. Had more blood drawn. This time for a platelets test. Given how the day-to-day for me has been, I'm ready for just about anything. Bought a slice of pumpkin pie after the visit. Back here with it, I ate it a bit too fast. During the 6 PM hour I ate a small can of sliced beets. It is now 7:55 PM and the beets are annoying my stomach. After 8:30 I need to drink one of those high-calorie nutrition nasties and take my head pill. - The following is comment 70 beneath KSM's "Dale Smith Deals Death Blow to Flarf" post: * KSM is quite sharp and quite subtle. To me, he's not backing off one millimeter from his aesthetic persuasion as a Flarfist. An author makes what that author is moved to make. That is how it is, and is how it/ should be. And if an author does forsake one persuasion for another, so what? As to capitalism, my basic definition of it is: capitalism = something to sell + plus some- one to buy it. The comment thread here is interesting and someways useful, but even if no money changes hands because of it, its roots are the capitalist ones of power, fame, wealth. So says baj (as in garage). Toodles - Plan to buy a blender so I can get better food in me than what I've been eating. A gas pain reminded me my doctor also said that it may take a while before I'll know how effective the dilation was. I was given information before the procedure, and one of the points was about expecting gas, a normal side effect. If, however, it builds up in my stomach and doesn't find a way out, I will need to contact the doctor who did the procedure. - If after a human dies, that's it--no spirit that lives on--that human will never know it. rho00292

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William Michaelian said...

I had a run-in with platelets, or a lack of them, when I was six. It came about as a result of a severe reaction to a drug that was subsequently taken off the market. At the time, it was assumed I had leukemia. After further tests, it was discovered that my platelet count was virtually nonexistent. Ten days in the hospital, blood test after blood test, and then finally a transfusion. Oddly enough, this occurred during Halloween. After recovering, I had a recurring dream of playing marbles with the boy who shared the hospital room; the dream always started pleasantly but ended with me shooting marbles with a skeleton.

(And they wonder why I’m weird.)

Thanks for including your comment. It seems I don’t get around to many of the blogs you frequent. Wouldn’t mind reading more of your reactions to those.