Saturday, February 21, 2009


9:00 AM -- Between the buildings the rollin' gusts can get to grousin' 'n' howlin' some. That is what it was doin' durin' the dark hours. So when I op'd the drapes/ seein' snow and juncos wasn't a shock, but the robin in the sturdy bush which appears to be in a budding mood--not sure what it felt. The air's still billowin' some, but the snow clouds have gone on toward the east and light has overlaid things in those places where it can. - 9:17 AM -- If I'm able to gather the necessaries for it, wiil be posting in Kyphotic Hermit later. - At Joshua Corey's blog are reports and videos of a Lake Forest Festival. Here's an e-whip to the second report/ wherein don't miss the aria sung by Christian Bök, the likes of which will sting your ears and shake your brain. - Two poems from a year 2000 stock market memoir are now in Scatterings at S M. - 7:20 PM -- Have a link to an interview up at K H: Tom Beckett with K Silem Mohammad. rho00297

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