Saturday, January 31, 2009


Really ought to dedicate February to clearing out the clutter in this apartment. When the pressure rises to where I can't stand myself any longer, I will/ abandon these blogs until the pressure subsides to a tolerable level. - Sprintedon Migrasaurus, which now has 1021 posts, has a site map worth perusing and using. If you prefer more specific information, you will need to scroll to near the bottom of the page where the labels are. Guess I should put a link in to them, if I can. - Most of the comments at Money Rho are mine. Update stuff. Entered one at WCG, BAC, and CNO earlier. All of these companies are in trouble. Still, I wouldn't short them. A perfect upside trade situation developed at CNO beginning on November 20, 2008. That was a down day on the market. CNO closed at $1.78 that day. The stock was trading from just below $2.00 to just above $3.00 and so could be expected to move back to that price or higher. It's previous high above $3.00 was $3.16. It did move up, and when it did, it established a new trading range. On November 28, 2008, an up day on the market, it closed at $3.38. It was then the new trading range--above $2.50 and below $3.90--began. Analyst consensus had it rated a buy when it was in the old trading range, and that didn't change. In December a dividend was declared for holders of record as of December 31, 2008. Now, I had no idea how high CNO's stock would rise, but I knew dividends draw investors. I also knew that after December the price of the stock would decline. Circumstances have me sidelined. Surprisingly, and this is the salient fact, CNO rose to a high of $5.19 on December 31. Just do the math. Remember, here is a stock which is barely investment grade; yet it is outperforming the market by a huge margin. Say you bought a mere 50 shares at $2.00 a share on 11/20/08. Do you hold through December so you can get the dividend, or do you sell your 50 shares at, say, $5.00? Of course there will be a commission that will need to be paid upon the purshase and again upon the sale. Say $50.00 is that commission. The dividend was about 0.10 per share. 100 + 50 = 150. 250 - 50 = 200. 200 - 150 = 50, a gain of 25%; and 50 x 0.10 = 5, a gain of 5% ($5.00). The stock would have to be at $4.90 when you sold it in 2009 in order the get the $50.00 selling it at $5.00 on December 31 would have given you. On January 2, $4.71 was the closing price. Nonetheless, I say: Take it when you have it. - All the immediately above information should have been posted at Money Rho. Some of it is. But a surprise email arrived this morning, and it is what prompted me to make this disclosure. - At S M are the song lyrics for sl43, Dreams Edge. rho00276

Friday, January 30, 2009


DJIA down $148.15, slightly above $8000. - Around 47 for a high today, but snow remains where it was mostly shady. May melt tomorrow since it should be 10 degrees warmer near 3 PM. - Some poets are number nuts. My number nuttiness is peculiar. I am not a statistics nut. - Have been investigating Derrida and deconstruction. Found out I had read books by two of his followers. I remember concluding that if one deconstructs one's own writing also, the whole idea becomes ludicrous. Tried to write a poem about it. Have not seen that poem in years. It is in hiding. Although it is incomplete, see this Wikipedia article on Deconstruction and note in particular Michel Foucault's opinion of Derrida and of French philosophy. - Skipping Money Rho today. - A "Don't fall" melody (for which there are other words) has been wandering through my consciousness. However, until it settles into a solid form, it can just wander. - May have more than 30 books on investing. - In order to facilitate ease of use, now that I have gone to this blog notes format, I moved the About Me and the my other blogs sections to the top. rho00275

Thursday, January 29, 2009


DJIA down over 200. Statistics for WCG, BAC, and CNO at Money Rho. - WalletPop, a link to which is in my Not-Ads General, often has valuable articles. - New on Author list: Landis, Matthew - New on Literary and related: abecedarian/f(x) Derrida Celan post - Dale Smith is drawing heavy attention. rho00274

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


At Money Rho I commented beneath WCG, BAC, and CNO. - Visited the four blogs I follow and also several others. - During the night the intermittent ice pellets and rain which froze when it landed/ changed to, as the weather service I use put it: light snow mist. Seems about an inch accumulated. Then the sky and scattered clouds. - John Latta seemed to indicate that The Grand Piano venture has ended. He has tracked the entire length of it. - Please do avail yourself of the links in the sidebar left. I'm heading back to Aaron Apps's site. rho00273

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Made comments at Money Rho. - Also at Dale Smith's Possum Ego where a conversation between him and Drew Gardner had begun and may or may not continue. - At S M: sl42-Git -- a song lyric in a different style -- - Expect to be adding link in Author list to Jodi Dean's blog. (Thank you, Dale Smith.) rho00272

Monday, January 26, 2009


Added Unreliable Narrator to Author list late last night. (See Don Share.) - In a response comment on his Possum Ego blog, this from Dale Smith: "Frankly, I doubt anyone will be hearing these conversations for much longer. We're all going to be struggling to survive the most nasty global shutdown in human history. The ponzi thing always crumbles." Also click on Kunstler, J. H. in the Not-Ads General list to read his latest post. - Two possibilities (from my perspective) are: 1. Humans will find a way to evolve beyond our fossil and fiscal foolishnesses. 2. Humans will be forced to return to less complex ways of living. - At Money Rho: bubbling BAC, a post about Bank of America - At the Unreliable Narrator look for the long 2009-01-25 The Spectrum post. Way down in it she gives possible names for the poets of this time. I favor the "Pre-Apocalyptics". rho00271

Sunday, January 25, 2009


At Money Rho: first post on BAC - At Money Rho: There was a comment beneath mr00007; therefore, I placed a reply comment. - "What if a much of a which of a wind" - Added Jared Carter (see Todd Swift) and Jeff Stumpo (see Joseph Hutchison) to Author list; and, no, I am not trying to catch up with Ron Silliman. rho00270

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Beneath this post is a Luciano Pavarotti one, a video of him singing his signature aria. - At Kyphotic Hermit are some autobiographical musings introduced by a still relevant William Wordsworth poem. - Forecasts for here indicate freezing rain or at least ice pellets and light snow on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. - Have added Art Durkee to Author list. rho00269

Luciano Pavarotti

Had planned on connecting to another video of a different song by someone else, but a visit last night to Dead Mule led to this, and I don't even remember what the one I'd intended for here was. Nessun Dorma rho00268

Friday, January 23, 2009


5:58 PM -- and it's windy and cold, nasty-- whoo whoop ahrew--and I have been bouncin' from blog to blog while trying to assemble a theme variation, an autobio conjuncting of incidents pertinent to where I and who I/ am these/ tremulous days. - This year John Latta intends to write a poem each day. Reminds me of 1976, and also of Tom Montag's multi-year project. But Montag is a minimalist, and Latta--well, you have to read what he writes: there is no one like him. - "The force that through the green fuse drives the flower. . . ." - Only that in which humans participate can survive and thrive in the kingdoms of humans. Right now the sentiment is negative with regard to U.S. stocks. - Life is starting to get interesting over at Bank of America. Am considering beginning coverage of its stock (BAC) on Monday. If I do, sometime after 5 PM a post will be made at Money Rho. rho00267

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Shortly after 11 AM Eastern/ the DJIA was down over 200 points. It's a teeter-totter market. - Poems that dare to directly depict taboo subjects are loud poems. Still, a poem can be loud, gentle, lithesome, grumpy, . . . all within a few sentences. - This city, large as it is, apparently does not have a used books store that carries books of interest to me. - May begin watching EVSO, a solar stock company that uses a different technology than the one FSLR uses. It's stock has been sharply trending up recently, closing at $1.15 today. Its 1YR low was $0.30 and its high was $3. - Have added Elizabeth Alexander and Reb Livingston to Author list. - At S M: sl41-After Rodney Dangerfield. ` rho00266

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Shut down at 8:30 last night to finish reading Timothy Morton's Ecology without Nature. A synopsis of his project can be deduced from these five sentences which appear on page 179: Are we trying to get rid of duality in our urge to get rid of dualism? If we turn all of nature into subject then we lose its otherness. If we turn it into object then we lose its nonreified quality. If we say nature is "subject plus object" then we mix the unmixable and relapse into the original dualism. If we say it is neither, then we fall into nihilism. Much of today was spent away from here, doing mostly grocery shopping. So it is 9:19 PM. - Yesterday the DJIA closed below 8000. Today it closed up nearly 300 points. Beneath my CNO post at Money Rho is comment eight. - Fieled's conversation with Hutchison hit a gravel patch, but hopefully they will get through it; yet commendable as the desire to mend the rift between the two leading factions of poets in this nation is, I do not think much more than a clearer under- standing of each will come of it. And it may be that that is sufficient. - Have changed my Literary links section to Literary and related. Will be adding a link shortly. rho00265

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


In contrast to yesterday's Money Rho post, today On the other fingers contains links to four dark outlooks. - In keeping with what is at the destinations of the links above, this links to a poem in my Rooted Sky 2007: Dark Gazelle. - Obama was sworn in as the 44th U.S. President. - Chilly day, but tomorrow/ above fifty. - Posted a 7th CNO comment. The DJIA was down well over 300 points. rho00264

Monday, January 19, 2009


Placed In Remembrance for Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. at Kyphotic Hermit. - stocks commodities bonds poets is at Money Rho. - It is 7:14 PM and not long ago I had a sandwich with mustard and three slices of oven-roasted garlic-flavored chicken breast, the result of which is: I am dozing off. rho00263

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Eight lines starring Obama are at Lesson One. - Have added Anne Boyer to Author List and, although Linh Dinh has already done this, will be linking to a 2009 prediction small essay she wrote. Expect that will be at Money Rho. - Have an important question to ask Mr. Goldsmith, but may have to find a back channel way to ask it. Either that or I will present my case at Money Rho and not bother The Manager. - Regarding the poetics of openness/closure and of hugging the left margin, I suspect the sources mean something different from what I thought was meant, namely: openness/closure is more than just indeterminate/determinate, and hugging the left margin is more than just beginning lines at the left margin. - How to indent on a blogspot page: 1. Use the following HTML codes at top of post: pre font face=Type (ex: Verdana) size=1 or (2, 3, 4, 5, or 6) p -- Special Notes: a < must be placed before pre, before font, and before p a > must be placed after pre, after the size #, and after p -- pre = preformat -- 2. Use the following HTML codes for the bottom of post-- but while these codes can be inserted on the line beneath the top line of codes, a post's text must be inserted between these lines of codes: /p /font /pre -- Special Notes: a. the /'s mean discontinue the use of b. always discontinue first what was last begun (i.e., use a reverse order) c. as in the top line, the left and right arrows must be used before and after each code d. in Settings / Publishing / choose Yes for Compose Mode but do not use Compose Mode e. in Settings / Formatting / choose No for Convert line breaks but always remember to use the space bar for lines and spaces in which you do not want type to show, and this means every space for the approximate width of the longest line you expect to be using when you are not putting a hyperlink in. 3. Alternative HTML for indenting: see ASCII for HTML in Not-Ads General but this is the particular code: & nbsp ; -- these codes always begin with an & and end with a ;, and there are no spaces between the parts of the code -- the nbsp here means no backspace, and the entire code needs to be used for each space intended to be blank. * rho00262 *

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Cold mostly cloudy day. - Read some here and there and posted kh00014 at Kyphotic Hermit: A disheveled life is a sad life. Or is it? - Read "Learning to Read" by Franz Wright and "Alien vs. Predator" by Michael Robbins, two poems recently published in The New Yorker. Had it in my head to write something about m r's strange poem, but it flies above me. rho00261

Friday, January 16, 2009


Light powdering of snow this morning. - At some moment between 5 and 6 PM I will officially be passing through a change moment. I have no record of the exact moment, but it reminds me of a story I made up: Many years ago on a passenger train/ a distressed woman was allowed to ride in the locomotive with the engineer and the fireman just in case she needed immediate attention. As it happened, she did, giving birth to a female. Due to the circumstances, the fireman suggested the baby should be named Cinder Ella. --Please boo; that way I'll know you're there.-- or hub for song lyrics There are now 40 song lyrics. Most are minimal. Anyone wishing to do something with one or more of them/ is welcome to. I am not a composer. 3:44 PM - Added Alltop All the top Poetry news to Literary. 7 PM - two more comments beneath CNO at Money Rho * Made one change in my profile. rho00260

Thursday, January 15, 2009


On S M: song lyrics for a minimal song entitled The Antelopes. - Placed a fourth comment beneath my CNO post at Money Rho. - Expect to be changing the comment in this blog's header. - Am considering other changes. Being both chameleon and wind, it is natural for me to change. Something's amiss in what I just wrote. After all, doesn't my being a human make it natural for me to change? Anything to avoid being human. - If you haven't been to Don Share's blog, click on his name in this blog's Author List. - Just added a new Bill Knott blog to Author List and the first post to it to Literary. rho00259

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Busy day away today. The doctor said all's okay even/ if it isn't. Anyway, I will have to make do. Hope today was a better day/ for you. - Recently added Sharon Mesmer to author list. She is a singular person/ far beyond A D B. - On Money Rho I made a third comment beneath my CNO post. - Spent of my time online at Don Share's blog and a Harriet. Made a comment on Mark Nowak's Snodgrass post, and read the 39 comments wriggling under Kenny Goldsmith's post. Don't know why some think only adversarial poetry's worthy of praise. Has it occurred to anyone that Goldsmith's Conceptual work and Flarf and various other avant practices are types of Found Poetry? How about categorizing poets by their levels of wealth. The results might be--if they could be verified. rho00258

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


from this day forward will serve as a bulletin board for itself and for my other in-use blogs. See prior post. It is likely that most of the comments beneath any given post will be update comments from me. I will also be providing links to posts of interest on other blogs as I encounter them. I do not visit all the blogs in my Author List every day. Because I made a change in a 2009/01/11 post on my Sprintedon Migrasaurus yesterday, my internal info shows postings to all my in-use blogs on 2009/01/12. - Here is a list of what was posted: * Who Is It? song lyrics on S M 800-billion-obama-stimulus on M R Sometimes I think on K H In Spiritu on T G My other blogs on this blog.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My other blogs

are my hidden Flutterby, which is empty and may always be; Kyphotic Hermit at, a place for occasional ruminations; Money Rho at, a place for money-related investigations centering on stock trading and investing; Sprintedon Migrasaurus at, a place which used to be in AOL Journals and is the oldest and largest of my blogs-- in it are my heuristic math projects and the majority of my poems, and much more with more on the way; The Ghost in the Dumpster at, the place where my current poems and poemoids are. rho00256

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009

If it were only that simple

we would be living the Lennon dream, but humans are/ flawed animals, and I don't like being/ a flawed animal, and I don't like/ living among// other/ flawed/ animals. Here are links to two of my artifacts-- one originally from 1960 and one from 2007: - from First Verses - from Venturings - Neither of these is special other than in its message. Question on this, another sad day: - If the Israelis ceased being hostile to Palestinians, would the Palestinians cease being hostile to Israelis? Rant: - God in Heaven I deplore religions guided by humans. They find more slick ways to make them evil than even the Devil can imagine. Thought: - Money is not the root of all evil, though ways money is used may be. Thought Two: - Caucasians are not a super race of humans, nor is any other race of humans. Thought Three: - The "Divine Right of Kings" has nothing to do with divinity; it's just a ruse utilized by a line of royalty to garner undeserved fealties for its kings and queens. Thought Four: - Hegemony is power and pride devoid of honor and empathy. Thought Five: - In the Lord's Prayer, the prayer Jesus taught his apostles, is this passage: ". . . and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; . . ."-- now, this passage is often said but seldom closely regarded. Indeed, how many seriously think about the "as" in it? That "as" means "to the degree in which" or: Father Creator, I assert here that You do not need to forgive me any more deeply than I am willing to forgive others. Thought Six: - Jesus preached: "You have heard it said that you should love your neighbor as you love yourself, but I say to you you should also love your enemy; for loving your neighbor is easy, but because loving your enemy is more difficult, it is more pleasing to God." [ My translation. ] ** Here's a link to another of my artifacts, one that is in my book from November of 1972: The Marriage of God and Money ** Thought Seven: - [ ] Rho00254

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I am bajs

and wildernesses compass me who dozes in his thoughts, tumbles into mini-dreams, then jerks awake, confounded by/ things askew. About and about on poet blogs these recent days, category skirmishes in posts and comments well and wriggle; and even I, foolish elf, have placed a note or two there and there. Actually, though it may yet be too soon to fathom, I doubt the participants will alter each other's thinkings in any significant ways. The best that can come of these dis-cussions is that 1) the instigators of and the responders to/ them will learn how to stop talking past each other 2) a growth in understanding and tolerance will occur I am not on one side or the other; still, if someone were to attend all my artifacts, that someone might be able to find a box to place me in. The one box I have placed myself in is the It poetics box. Even when I plan ahead, i.e., have set an overriding aesthetic for what I intend to make, the thing, the it, being made takes precendence. Poem, ditty, muttob, poemoid; or slight and silly, determinate, indeterminate, dense and dusky, goulash: the artifact rules. As I recall, this current round of investigations began with K. Silem Mohammad's Relevance posts, and when Seth Abramson joined in/ it shifted to trying to displace Ron Silliman's long-standing School of Quietude / Post-Avant divisions. Mr. Abramson took a sociological rather than an aesthetics approach, though it wasn't obvious to some. Others frolicking in the fray were Joseph Hutchison, Adam Fieled, and Johannes Göransson. There were more, a few of whom only cantered in comment spaces. I did both, sort of, and along the way discovered what seemed to me to be an excellent name for a famous football player: Aristophanes Juvenal Boccaccio. It's a name that has a rhythm to it, a name a crowd of fans could chant. Definitely, a number of fine insights have arisen, but go to where the posts are. Rho00253