Friday, February 20, 2009


At Money Rho later a post named Developments. - Have been making changes again here. Went to weekly archiving, set main page to 7 posts, and moved Archives to second last position. Also added and to Not-Ads General list. Literary and related will be getting - A goodly number of the sites I visit display blog lists. The destinations in these provide insights. Their formats provide other insights. It's a who's popular with whom kind of thing for the most part. Age seems to matter too though there are exceptions. - Watched a TED video about the TED project for over an hour this morning. Wasn't able to watch all of it because at 8:35 I had to leave this room. I had watched several TED videos/ before engaging this one, but here is a program video from earlier this month: Juan Enriquez and Homo Evolutis rho00296

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