Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This morning over at KSM's I responded to Jordan's response to my original comment. I have written it in my notebook but won't be placing it here. Then a semi-dark individual, having determined it was necessary, laid out a proper definition of capitalism. Probably it was just as well; but, alas, my simple-dimple definition done got misunderstood. Shoulda known. So I'll be replacing it. - About 4:05 this afternoon the outside temp was in the mid 50's. So went out to get my mail. The wind out of the northwest was so brusk in the breezeway, I felt I was in a refrigerator. Got the mail anyway, but almost lost my cap when I came back in. - Capitalism - On Don Share's blog today was a related poem by Paul Blackburn. - Analysts are conflicted regarding what to do about the two zombie banks: BofA and Citi. rho00294

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