Friday, February 13, 2009


Made a silly poemoid out of the nickname I gave myself. And here it is! - The air was frisky today/ but warm enough to be tolerable for a normal person. I, as you know, am sub-normal; so I had to layer my cover: undershirt, long-sleeved corduroy shirt, wind breaker. Took an empty cookie carton which I'd placed in a box made for a dozen fancy donuts/ up & over to the dumpster. On the walk back I retrieved my mail which happened to be just two letters, thank you. - At Money Rho I started what I am labeling salcherts weekly stock watch. Nothing fancy. There are eleven stocks in this one. - Will soon be a new rumination in Kyphotic Hermit and hopefully the continuation of Brian's Brain in Sprintedon Migrasaurus. rho00289

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