Thursday, February 12, 2009


8:05 PM -- President Abraham Lincoln's birthday remembrance bicentennial. - Frost on the hip roofes and the lawn early this morning. Airy clouds. In general a pleasant day. - If I can motivate me sufficiently, will be posting at Money Rho some thoughts about personal and family finances. It will be both basic and slightly advanced. Possible title: Protect Inspect Inject Protect. The purpose is to provide steps, especially for younger people, to perpetual solvency. Little in it will originate from me, but will be general knowledge I have culled and organized. - Four up and four down today, with CNO below $2.00 & BAC below $6.00. - Read a comment I need to read again. If I find it, I will present the gist of it here. Found it, but can't change it. It's beneath Silliman's 2009-02-10 list of links. It's Gary B. Fitzgerald's comment. - Have begun reading Alan Bloom's Giants and Dwarfs. rho00288

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