Tuesday, February 10, 2009


3:41 PM -- Mostly cloudy but unusually warm along with an unusual gathering in the yard. The juncos which come through here are said to be a winter bird. First flock of them I have seen, however, arrived this afternoon. Robins in these parts are Spring birds, but there is one robin out there, and mourning doves with their whistling wings have been in and out. Don't know where the cardinal pair are. Do know I expect to be shutting down and unplugging this system tonight. - When compressed, b a j = baj; baj equals bad ass jerk (a new kind of dance), or = bury ashes joyfully. Baj baj baj baj baj think i'm gonna live in a garage Shadows can be my entourage baj baj baj baj baj - Market down nearly 400 points but one of the stocks I am watching went up. * Traders were not helped by what came out of Washington. It's going to be a rough ride. * See J. H. Kunstler's Poverty of Imagination - 6:34 PM -- Hope is the only word for tomorrow. rho00286

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