Saturday, February 28, 2009


During the night and through and after dawn (angling west), snow. Miniature flakes. It was heaviest around 8:20, and by 8:45 almost imperceptible. - This is the last day-date-only title. - Another minimal song lyric is arriving. - All my heuristic math projects are in what was Salchert's Weblog (Sprintedon Hollow) and now is Sprintedon Migrasaurus. Don't know when, or even if, I will be posting more. In 1994 in Gainesville, Florida, I had a Kinko's store help me put together ten copies of a hand-written work of nearly 600 pages: Meanderings of an Amateur Mathematician. Fermat's Last Theorem was the focus of it. Convinced there was a geometrical proof, I began to seriously toy with it when I was in the Iowa MFA Program (1965-1967), but I soon/ set it aside. The mathematician now credited with proving that Fermat was right/ secretly forged on, driven by his childhood dream. At heart, what drives me is a need to accomplish more than any in my immediate family's prior generation. So far I am failing admirably. One does what one can. I do what I cannot. For several years I maintained a site at ThirdAge. In it was a project: Number Theory Investigations. That project has not yet been placed online again. Uncertain about it. I do know that someone made/ ten copies of it. - I am not your usual blogger. I am not your usual human. Just had another dozing dream. In it I lift a rug and two roaches scurry to a different hiding place. Why is it I drop into REM sleep so quickly? Why is it these dreams are consistently weird? I have an unexplainable fascination with Saturn's Titan moon. A playlet I wrote/ orbits it. - .1:21 -- Barely visible snow still. May have mentioned this, but because I have 6 posts of my old Tripod Brian's Brain log in this blog/ I will be posting the remainder of it in this blog. rho00304

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