Monday, June 25, 2007

rho00004 Rho directory 2007

This will also serve as a learning page for me. * I am providing this directory for two reasons: every post in this blog is code searchable via the tlrho#### system herein, but it is without sufficient value if a searcher does not know what topic relates to a given code. This post will be frequently updated. Therefore, I will not be using the Compose tab here. - [ last modified: 2007-12-13 ] - Rhodingeedaddee Blog Directory - June 2007 rho00001 Introduction rho00002 Difficulty (re: poems) rho00003 html4poets rho00004 Rho-- Blog Directory - July 2007 rho00005 Herein rho00006 Prayer rho00007 Good Reads rho00008 the root me rho00009 Ponderings rho00010 some fav pop songs rho00011 poetic value - August 2007 rho00012 my noumenon aesthetic rho00013 Cat Story rho00014 Homo sapiens Galaxy rho00015 God's Evolution rho00016 where i am rho00017 Regarding Creativity rho00018 Online Self-Ed - September 2007 rho00019 Addenda rho00020 info for poetry bloggers rho00021 The Divine Comedy - October 31, 2007 rho00022 The Man Against the Sky - November 2007 rho00023 Thoughts in Transit rho00024 about existence rh000025 Edges (p. 1) - December 2007 rho00026 Electoral College rho00027 replica rho00028 It Poetics rho00029 high regard

Brian A. J. Salchert

Sunday, June 24, 2007

html for poets

The essence of what is here I learned some while back from an online site I am grateful to but do not recall, and have not been able to track down. However, this: See information above my name below. - The primary HTML tags to know are these three: PRE / FONT / P which must be used in this order before a post and in the OPPOSITE order after a post. Each of these needs to be < > enclosed. However, the FONT tag requires more defining input. On this post I am presently defining FONT this way: FONT FACE="Verdana" COLOR="#006600" SIZE="2" but I am not getting the result I want. The learning process I am into here is going to take longer than I expected. New environments force one to wire/ new ways of seeing. That's fine. This is not the first time I have been so challenged. Hello!: when I clicked the Compose tab I discovered I was getting what I requested, but that this environment requires such requests to be coded in a different way. Here I need to use span (you will see the details upon clicking Edit Html) wherein span replaces font as a major tag; or I can still put it in as originally shown, and let the Compose tab translate it to this environment's code system. I suggest using the after-the-or choice and not using Compose until a post's content is right. Unless there is a need reason not to, I also suggest using Verdana with its size set at 2. If Compose has already been utilized, set Verdana's size at 100%. Courier New is a font which allots equal space to each character, making it a need reason not to use Verdana under certain conditions; but the nearest choice in this environment is Courier. I have not yet checked to see if it allots equal space to each character. [27JUN07 - Since writing the above about Courier, I tested it on this blog's Directory post, and it appears to space as Courier New does. Below is a link to the Directory.] . ~ It is best to place both the needed major before tags and after tags on your post first. Put the opening tags on one line and the closing tags on the second or third line. The after tags must be preceded by a / since this symbol indicates end of tag use. <> body of post <> is a fake example. Commonly, no space occurs between the <> and the tag or slant/tag within. ~ Although it is not doing here all I hoped it would, the importance of the PRE tag (it has been my experience elsewhere) is that it keeps text placed where the person inputing that text wants it to be. This is especially useful when presenting poems in which there are indented lines. ~ [27JUN07 - Various available fonts, font colors, font sizes can be used on the same page; but not without first ending the font in use before inserting the needed code change(s). My present thinking is: Pages in this environment which are likely to be frequently changed should be kept in HTML, if HTML is being used to construct them. The Compose tab should be left unused.] - Try these searches: lookup tables HTML colors rgb - - See directory2007 in Catmap. - Brian A. J. Salchert - Rho00003

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Of 2 on Difficulty

(Consideration: When under the sway of a strong belief/ it is hard to avoid being overly harsh.) - - - - - Thursday on his blog I read "On Difficulty in Poetry: a revision" by Reginald Shepherd. Friday evening after making a "Richard Wilbur Benign Obscurity" search at Google/ I chose to access a return from Poetry International III where I read "The Mystique of the Difficult Poem" by Steve Kowit. When I finished working my way through that lengthy review/opinion essay, I reread Mr. Shepherd's lengthy essay. This morning I coursed through each essay in search of what I deemed especially important. I decided the penultimate paragraph in Mr. Kowit's essay was. I decided the final paragraph in section 3 and the whole of section 4 in Mr. Shepherd's essay were. This essay is a straight-on examination of the matter of difficulty. While their central philosophies regarding poem-making are not compatible, both authors see value in difficulty, but Kowit's acceptance of difficulty is preceded by his insistence on comprehensibility. I prefer to background their philosophies and foreground the diverse poets and theorists each cites, none of whom is against difficulty per se. Why?: because this fact supports my conviction poets and poetry theorists need to curtail the I'm-better-than-you-are game. - - See directory2007 in Catmap. - Rho00002

Friday, June 22, 2007

In Decision rho00001

I am Brian A. J. Salchert, and this is a test as I am in decision. If this goes well, I will pass through being in decision, and stay. My being here is not necessary. I already have a presence in another sector of online space. Still, I want to investigate the experience of here. Unless holy surprises are in the offing, I am nearing the end of my Earth-alive state. I regard this as an opportunity. Sprintedon summer has begun, and this old hermit of that mythical dinosaur is herein emboldened by it. More later. It is nearing 3 pm where I am, and other concerns are beginning to wonder what delays me. - 5 pm approaches. I am not yet certain about this blog's content, but I feel it will be poetry- centered. If it is so, it will not center on my poetry. If it is so, it will not center on any particular philosophy of how to make poems. Besides, "saw I was" is a palindrome, & while a palindrome might make an interesting poem, I have a sense it would not make a worthy philosophy of/ how to make a poem. You must be aware/ I am a strange knot of white candy. ~ See directory2007 in Catmap.