Tuesday, February 24, 2009


At PM12:17 outside my bedroom window were starlings, robins, juncos, cardinals, and mourning doves. - Earlier this morning in mildly chilly, windy and rainy weather, a secret device arrived. - Of the stocks I am tracking, the only one down today was ABX (the gold stock). - Was over at Silliman's Blog a few times. Read The Village Voice Michael Robbins interview conducted by Zach Baron, and then read Rob Mackenzie's insights about Alien vs Predator. See Mackinzie, Rob in Author list for link to his blog. Later I left this comment: * 2007-02-24 Enjoying the ride is my response to poems by Wallace Stevens and John Ashbery, both of whom I call magic carpet poets. I am here via links at Silliman's Blog, and I've read Zach Baron's interview. About this poem by Michael Robbins-- which I have read several times--I noted in a blog post that it "flies over my head"; but that's okay, given the growing multitudes of signs-upon-signs. No one can be aware of a nanospeck of what's avail- able. At least this poem is not what I might picture Murray Gell-Mann writing. I'm pleased Mr. Robbins writes poems that are not like--well, he knows--even if he does give Rilke a hard time in this poem. * - Yes, the "7" s/h/b "9", but lately I've been in a 2007 rut. At one point, fearing I might lose my comment when I submitted it, I wrote it down in my notebook, and even as I did that I did not notice I had "2007" instead of "2009". God loves minds where dry seeds rattle around and nothing grows. - Reminder at 10:17 PM: Check each week to see if Kunstler has written a new article. The one this week is: The Abyss Stares Back rho00300

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