Wednesday, February 11, 2009


5:12 PM -- Rainy windy throughout the morning and cloudy cold through the afternoon. I was gone for a needed esophageal procedure. Was expecting to be extremely hungry. - DJIA went up a little and all 8 stocks on my watch list went up. This bear market seems to be stalking. - 6:27 PM -- Was told this might happen. True, I do doze off while at this keyboard, but I-- and talk about hungry, my hunger went as far as one multivitamin and some nutrition drink sips, afterwhich (a sandwhich you eat after you die) I head to the toilet to pass a tiny thank you piss. - If you ever have your esophagus dilated, be near a toilet moments later/ because when the odd-liquid void hits, its hits like a flash flood. - For the longest while I hadn't been getting any calls on my land line. Lately I have been getting several each day. Someone is trying to annoy me. That someone is. I do not answer my land line, and if I can keep the smidgen of sanity I yet have, I will not ever again answer my land line/ even if it is E. A. Poe or Alfred H.. - Wizzards and gizzards in winter blizzards! En garde! -- Cliche! - 6:54 PM -- It's about time the heat went on. rho00287

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