Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Busy day away today. The doctor said all's okay even/ if it isn't. Anyway, I will have to make do. Hope today was a better day/ for you. - Recently added Sharon Mesmer to author list. She is a singular person/ far beyond A D B. - On Money Rho I made a third comment beneath my CNO post. - Spent of my time online at Don Share's blog and a Harriet. Made a comment on Mark Nowak's Snodgrass post, and read the 39 comments wriggling under Kenny Goldsmith's post. Don't know why some think only adversarial poetry's worthy of praise. Has it occurred to anyone that Goldsmith's Conceptual work and Flarf and various other avant practices are types of Found Poetry? How about categorizing poets by their levels of wealth. The results might be--if they could be verified. rho00258


William Michaelian said...

I didn’t mind the old approach, but I like this new approach for Rhodingeedaddee. Not to mention the new subtitle, which, I realize, will probably change in time.

Joseph Hutchison said...

Ah, mortal life on Earth. Mostly not pretty....

Couldn't find Mark Nowak's Snodgrass post. Do you have a link?

Found Poetry? Well, OK... But when you've turned over your finding to Web bot, are your a poet? And is the bot-found text poetry?

Back in September I put up a post that you responded to, tweaking my list of income categories to include "non-working poor poets" like yourself. I do think it's an interesting line of inquiry, but something I'm not equipped to accomplish. (Light guitar music fades in...): Where have all the Ph.D candidates gone—long time passing...?

brian a j salchert said...

William: the subtitle will change, and possibly soon. K. Silem Mohammad changes his fairly often. He had one I decided to use as the first line of a kooky poem. His Squirrels in my attic
is where his current poems are. This new approach stems from Noah Cicero's wanting me to join Twitter, a move I am reluctant to make.

Joseph: Mark Nowak's post is at Harriet. I placed a wee comment beneath it. As to Ph.D candidates, Tony Tost and Nicholas Manning and several others are; and Joshua Corey, who is teaching at Lakeland in Illinois, had earned his through Cornell just prior to that; and KSM has a Ph.D from Stanford. Ph.D = Prestige, and that is fine--I have a personal story about that, but this is not the place to recount it. "Google-sculpting" is the term Silliman uses when he writes about Flarf, and I think that is accurate. So one could say that Flarfists choose a word or words as search constraints by means of which they generate a class of results (of found objects) that then can be combed through for ideas for edgy poems. It's tough work, but those who like it, like it. It definitely is not for everyone.

brian a j salchert said...

Correction to Joseph: The post about Snodgrass at Harriet is not by Mark Nowak; it is by Travis N--.