Sunday, January 18, 2009


Eight lines starring Obama are at Lesson One. - Have added Anne Boyer to Author List and, although Linh Dinh has already done this, will be linking to a 2009 prediction small essay she wrote. Expect that will be at Money Rho. - Have an important question to ask Mr. Goldsmith, but may have to find a back channel way to ask it. Either that or I will present my case at Money Rho and not bother The Manager. - Regarding the poetics of openness/closure and of hugging the left margin, I suspect the sources mean something different from what I thought was meant, namely: openness/closure is more than just indeterminate/determinate, and hugging the left margin is more than just beginning lines at the left margin. - How to indent on a blogspot page: 1. Use the following HTML codes at top of post: pre font face=Type (ex: Verdana) size=1 or (2, 3, 4, 5, or 6) p -- Special Notes: a < must be placed before pre, before font, and before p a > must be placed after pre, after the size #, and after p -- pre = preformat -- 2. Use the following HTML codes for the bottom of post-- but while these codes can be inserted on the line beneath the top line of codes, a post's text must be inserted between these lines of codes: /p /font /pre -- Special Notes: a. the /'s mean discontinue the use of b. always discontinue first what was last begun (i.e., use a reverse order) c. as in the top line, the left and right arrows must be used before and after each code d. in Settings / Publishing / choose Yes for Compose Mode but do not use Compose Mode e. in Settings / Formatting / choose No for Convert line breaks but always remember to use the space bar for lines and spaces in which you do not want type to show, and this means every space for the approximate width of the longest line you expect to be using when you are not putting a hyperlink in. 3. Alternative HTML for indenting: see ASCII for HTML in Not-Ads General but this is the particular code: & nbsp ; -- these codes always begin with an & and end with a ;, and there are no spaces between the parts of the code -- the nbsp here means no backspace, and the entire code needs to be used for each space intended to be blank. * rho00262 *

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