Monday, January 19, 2009


Placed In Remembrance for Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. at Kyphotic Hermit. - stocks commodities bonds poets is at Money Rho. - It is 7:14 PM and not long ago I had a sandwich with mustard and three slices of oven-roasted garlic-flavored chicken breast, the result of which is: I am dozing off. rho00263


William Michaelian said...

Your reference to personality as it pertains to investing at Money Rho reminds me: I have always followed the Dostoevsky approach, as detailed in The Gambler, the book he dictated in three weeks while pacing in order to meet his publisher’s deadline or lose the rights to his work.

brian a j salchert said...

Dostoevsky, though I've only read a smattering of his fiction, was an interesting character and thinker. Life in Russia was not easy for him. If the story is true, he was once before a firing squad, but then they decided not to shoot him. I can just picture me before a firing squad: I'd die before the bullet hit.

Re the markets: because there is always risk involved, the central instruction is to diversify. That is, to me, not worth it. What one should do is try to identify likely winners, and invest only what one can afford to lose, and also purchase an equal amount of term insurance for dependents in case one suddenly dies or disappears. I had the term insurance, and I know I could have spent an equal amount for a few shares of one or more growth companies. I was aware of a dozen or more. Playing the lottery is a bigger gamble.