Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Shut down at 8:30 last night to finish reading Timothy Morton's Ecology without Nature. A synopsis of his project can be deduced from these five sentences which appear on page 179: Are we trying to get rid of duality in our urge to get rid of dualism? If we turn all of nature into subject then we lose its otherness. If we turn it into object then we lose its nonreified quality. If we say nature is "subject plus object" then we mix the unmixable and relapse into the original dualism. If we say it is neither, then we fall into nihilism. Much of today was spent away from here, doing mostly grocery shopping. So it is 9:19 PM. - Yesterday the DJIA closed below 8000. Today it closed up nearly 300 points. Beneath my CNO post at Money Rho is comment eight. - Fieled's conversation with Hutchison hit a gravel patch, but hopefully they will get through it; yet commendable as the desire to mend the rift between the two leading factions of poets in this nation is, I do not think much more than a clearer under- standing of each will come of it. And it may be that that is sufficient. - Have changed my Literary links section to Literary and related. Will be adding a link shortly. rho00265

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