Friday, January 16, 2009


Light powdering of snow this morning. - At some moment between 5 and 6 PM I will officially be passing through a change moment. I have no record of the exact moment, but it reminds me of a story I made up: Many years ago on a passenger train/ a distressed woman was allowed to ride in the locomotive with the engineer and the fireman just in case she needed immediate attention. As it happened, she did, giving birth to a female. Due to the circumstances, the fireman suggested the baby should be named Cinder Ella. --Please boo; that way I'll know you're there.-- or hub for song lyrics There are now 40 song lyrics. Most are minimal. Anyone wishing to do something with one or more of them/ is welcome to. I am not a composer. 3:44 PM - Added Alltop All the top Poetry news to Literary. 7 PM - two more comments beneath CNO at Money Rho * Made one change in my profile. rho00260


William Michaelian said...

Happy Birthday, sweet sixteen.

That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever hoid.

brian a j salchert said...

Thank you.

Around 6pm I'll change the info in my profile.