Monday, January 26, 2009


Added Unreliable Narrator to Author list late last night. (See Don Share.) - In a response comment on his Possum Ego blog, this from Dale Smith: "Frankly, I doubt anyone will be hearing these conversations for much longer. We're all going to be struggling to survive the most nasty global shutdown in human history. The ponzi thing always crumbles." Also click on Kunstler, J. H. in the Not-Ads General list to read his latest post. - Two possibilities (from my perspective) are: 1. Humans will find a way to evolve beyond our fossil and fiscal foolishnesses. 2. Humans will be forced to return to less complex ways of living. - At Money Rho: bubbling BAC, a post about Bank of America - At the Unreliable Narrator look for the long 2009-01-25 The Spectrum post. Way down in it she gives possible names for the poets of this time. I favor the "Pre-Apocalyptics". rho00271

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the unreliable narrator said...

Why, thankee Señor Salchert! I'm blushin' over here. I think I go for "Pre-Apocalyptics," myself—it's got a ring, dontcha think? See you huddled in the caves of Ecuador! ;o)