Friday, January 30, 2009


DJIA down $148.15, slightly above $8000. - Around 47 for a high today, but snow remains where it was mostly shady. May melt tomorrow since it should be 10 degrees warmer near 3 PM. - Some poets are number nuts. My number nuttiness is peculiar. I am not a statistics nut. - Have been investigating Derrida and deconstruction. Found out I had read books by two of his followers. I remember concluding that if one deconstructs one's own writing also, the whole idea becomes ludicrous. Tried to write a poem about it. Have not seen that poem in years. It is in hiding. Although it is incomplete, see this Wikipedia article on Deconstruction and note in particular Michel Foucault's opinion of Derrida and of French philosophy. - Skipping Money Rho today. - A "Don't fall" melody (for which there are other words) has been wandering through my consciousness. However, until it settles into a solid form, it can just wander. - May have more than 30 books on investing. - In order to facilitate ease of use, now that I have gone to this blog notes format, I moved the About Me and the my other blogs sections to the top. rho00275

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