Thursday, January 22, 2009


Shortly after 11 AM Eastern/ the DJIA was down over 200 points. It's a teeter-totter market. - Poems that dare to directly depict taboo subjects are loud poems. Still, a poem can be loud, gentle, lithesome, grumpy, . . . all within a few sentences. - This city, large as it is, apparently does not have a used books store that carries books of interest to me. - May begin watching EVSO, a solar stock company that uses a different technology than the one FSLR uses. It's stock has been sharply trending up recently, closing at $1.15 today. Its 1YR low was $0.30 and its high was $3. - Have added Elizabeth Alexander and Reb Livingston to Author list. - At S M: sl41-After Rodney Dangerfield. ` rho00266

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