Sunday, January 4, 2009

If it were only that simple

we would be living the Lennon dream, but humans are/ flawed animals, and I don't like being/ a flawed animal, and I don't like/ living among// other/ flawed/ animals. Here are links to two of my artifacts-- one originally from 1960 and one from 2007: - from First Verses - from Venturings - Neither of these is special other than in its message. Question on this, another sad day: - If the Israelis ceased being hostile to Palestinians, would the Palestinians cease being hostile to Israelis? Rant: - God in Heaven I deplore religions guided by humans. They find more slick ways to make them evil than even the Devil can imagine. Thought: - Money is not the root of all evil, though ways money is used may be. Thought Two: - Caucasians are not a super race of humans, nor is any other race of humans. Thought Three: - The "Divine Right of Kings" has nothing to do with divinity; it's just a ruse utilized by a line of royalty to garner undeserved fealties for its kings and queens. Thought Four: - Hegemony is power and pride devoid of honor and empathy. Thought Five: - In the Lord's Prayer, the prayer Jesus taught his apostles, is this passage: ". . . and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; . . ."-- now, this passage is often said but seldom closely regarded. Indeed, how many seriously think about the "as" in it? That "as" means "to the degree in which" or: Father Creator, I assert here that You do not need to forgive me any more deeply than I am willing to forgive others. Thought Six: - Jesus preached: "You have heard it said that you should love your neighbor as you love yourself, but I say to you you should also love your enemy; for loving your neighbor is easy, but because loving your enemy is more difficult, it is more pleasing to God." [ My translation. ] ** Here's a link to another of my artifacts, one that is in my book from November of 1972: The Marriage of God and Money ** Thought Seven: - [ ] Rho00254

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