Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Metarealism Hyperrealism and Transcendence

On May 30, 2009, Seth Abramson, having read Mikhail Epstein on Russian Metarealism and Conceptualism, realized to his surprise and chagrin that he was an American Metarealist. On that same date J J Gallaher commented beneath Seth's post and made a post on his own blog wherein that for him Conceptualism would be more fun. He had been interested in Hyperrealism in painting. Epstein saw the two he wrote about as opposites with all others somewhere between them. In painting, metarealism involves depicting a mood while hyperrealism's goal is to equal the level of perfection reached by digital photography. If you allow a broad secular definition of transcendence, all artists ((musicians, painters, sculptors, architects, dancers, poets, and similar others) of whatever persuasion and in whatever medium)) strive for transcendence, a reaching beyond. Among the results of a Google metarealism search are: Wikipedia introduction - Tendreams introduction - a Google Books result - Abramson's post - Gallaher's post --- One result a Google hyperrealism search garners is: Wikipedia introduction rho00362

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