Friday, July 24, 2009

Thinking Lizard revisited

As I remember it, I invented Thinking Lizard (the icon and the press) and the pen name of Alden St. Cloud in 1979. In 1980 I published in the cassette medium and registered with The Library of Congress 1976 (the 366 sonnets and 12 reflections version), Postures, and Fond du Lac; and in 1981, I believe, Rooted Sky. I no longer have saleable copies of these. In 1982 in Austin, Texas, I published as a paperback, First Pick, a selection which included some poems that were previously unpublished. I also registered it with The Library of Congress. I have a mockup of it, but I have dismantled this book. Soon thereafter I let Alden St. Cloud die. Thinking Lizard remains a viable press, but I would need to update its ISBN system. The point of this rehash is that I self-published books of my poems. Those events are precursors to what I have since done online, especially at Sprintedon Migrasaurus (thinkinglizard.b---), and to what I hope to do in the future: make all my books of poems available for free in PDF. As it is, I am not selling any of my poems. You are welcome to browse through, and if you encounter one you like, link to it or display it on your web site. Heck, you can even do that with one you think is horrid. rho00363

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