Monday, July 20, 2009

Body challenges have taken over

with some being temporary. Trying to keep my legs elevated is permanent and I have been innovating toward that end. Fortuitously, the furnishings I have for my computer equipment are nearly perfect aids: the 30-inches tall desk my monitor is now on, the 22-inches tall table partially under that desk on which are my modem and a towel folded so it is two inches high for the heels of my feet, the stool which is 23-inches tall and is being used for my mouse and the right end of my keyboard, the folding chair I am seated on with a cushion beneath my rear and a cushion behind my back, the glasses I wear which are set for viewing my monitor which I have for some years had three feet from where I type. My keyboard is on a towel I've folded which is over my upper legs. Am having to use a yard stick to turn my computer and monitor on. Will try to improve on this, but for now it will have to do. rho00361

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