Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why Am I Online

is a question I have asked and answered often. The Internet is my house of learning. That is my common response. And while I'll never even scratch the surface of what I would learn, no further response is needed. However, there are deeper reasons. I used to be out and about easily, but that ended in mid-January of 2003. It doesn't matter that by current standards I am still a young man. So I am a hermit, but not a true hermit. It isn't in me. Yet, even if I made no contacts with other humans, being online would suffice because I think it would be enough to alleviate my loneliness. An early post of what was my last AOL journal is a note about Frederick Seidel. Due to a recent comment by Michael Robbins beneath a Harriet post, I have been learning more about this American poet. If you do a Frederick Seidel 2009 search via Google and choose the Google books result, you can potentially read many of his poems. I read, among others, "The War of the Worlds" and found I liked it mainly because of his straight- on yet imaginative way of engaging a difficult topic. Three reviews worth reading are Sarah Crown's "Chronicle of excess", Adam Kirsch's "The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", and this one by Wyatt Mason in which he writes ". . .the cultural definition of what a poem is: a thing that wakes us, shakes us, moves us, and pays equal attention to the details of living and the art of poetry." Therefore, God willing, I intend to be an online human in spite of the varying technical challenges. rh00360

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