Wednesday, March 4, 2009

several thoughts 2

Through my Google Help Features link in my Unlike List/ I sent a search complaint. I leave comments beneath posts on blogs maintained by other bloggers. When I do a search of my name, results are returned which include some of those comments, BUT allmost always nothing of my comment is there. What is there is a portion of a comment made by someone else. Obviously, there is something wrong with the algo- rithm used. This error is not peculiar to Google. All the major search engines make the same error. This problem has persisted for years. In April of 2000 I first came online. My question was: Can it be rectified? - I recommend that you go to Money Rho and watch the Karl Denninger video, listening carefully to what he says. - At Sprintedon Migrasaurus/ song lyrics 50 is up. Although I know others will enter my consciousness, my present mindset is to not post any more. I'll just place them in the notebook I am using then. - There is a link to a long article over at Linh Dinh's blog. It is entitled: How to Survive the Coming Century. This is that century. If you read nothing else in it, read the last paragraph. Chances are slim to none for our survival. - For positive news, do this search: fighting flu with engineered antibodies - Also this search if you need to know what caused the financial crisis: wired magazine gaussian copula function - At Kyphotic Hermit/ links to posts by Joseph Hutchison and Adam Fieled on the topic of greatness wait for those of you who are interested. rho00308

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