Friday, March 6, 2009

several thoughts 3

There is a study out that indicates social networking is bad: it tends to infantilize the human brain. - Also this, which has been floating around for a number of years: Most Americans don't get nearly enough vitamin D3. Do your own research on this, but apparently a body can tolerate significantly more than what is recommended. - Here is a link to Gregg Greenberg's 6 Dumbest Things on Wall Street. - Water is the new oil. - In January of this year the FDA ruled that products containing carmine, a red dye made from crushed Peruvian beetles that eat a particular red berry, must reveal on the label that carmine is in the product because some people are allergic to it. * A side note: Wild red salmon are red because they eat krill. Farmed red salmon are red because they have red dye in them. - Not only is Australia near China, but it also has petroleum and natural gas and a variety of needed minerals. Do a Wikipedia iron_ore search. rho00309

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