Tuesday, March 3, 2009

several thoughts

Even if one does not favor it, it appears that the ideas of American Hybrid and of hybridity have, by consensus, won the day. As a maker of poems and poem-like artifacts, definitely I am, and long have been, a hybrid; yet, I am not comfortable with that term. [ Have you ever read any thing made by that hybrid slut, baj salchert? ] I would rather be known as a u-f-o (utterly-futile-oddity) poet. Notice: I used "a" before "u-f-o" because the letter "u" sounds like "you". I put the "." outside the second quotation mark for "you" because the "." represents the end of the sentence. It has nothing to do with "you". - Regarding my love(?) for poetry and a list of 20 books that fostered said love, forget it. Yes, there are poets and poems I could list; and, of course, books (anthologies mostly) were where I first encountered them. Surveys and questionnaires make my skin itch. - I have some issues with Google and Blogger; and since help files and forums also make my skin itch, I am trying to figure out my own ways around those issues. Unfortunately, the new and improved Followers messed up the look of the bottom of this blog, and there's nothing I can do about it. One example of a work-around is: latest post info. - If David Orr's article on poetic greatness was meant to arouse discussion among poets, it was an inordinate success. rho00307

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