Monday, March 30, 2009

Scrunched day

due to monthly grocery shopping, but though I'm still behind/ I've caught up some. Bought two envelopes and mailed my old chapbook out. Also got a film developed and over at Library Station checked out a copy of the Shorter Fifth Edition of The Norton Anthology of Poetry edited by Margaret Ferguson, Mary Jo Salter, and Jon Stallworthy. The air was brisk today but mostly clear and not cold. Had forgotten how long the film I had developed had been in my camera, and so I was like saying to the clerk: "What are these, they don't look like any pictures I took." Some are of me, which led me to say: "I look dead. Maybe I am. My body just hasn't figured it out yet." That led me into an unnecessary public meditation on life and death. If Jim Kunstler is right, there will be a massive die off of ill elderly soon if our leaders don't see the policies they are pursuing are the wrong ones. Have quit eating processed meat, and my body is saying thank you. Have gone to using one brand of nutrition drink, though I still have four bottles of a second brand to use up. I didn't buy a blender though. Am not sure what vegetables and fruits to get, and if it would be better to get them frozen. I have another month during which to decide. Had some strange dreams last night, and as I awoke from the one that came after AM 3/ a song appeared: - Attached to a Dream Yes we can. Yes I know we can. Yes I know we can because, well, yes I know we can. Yes we can. Yes I know we can. Yes, I know we can because we can. - Not sure if this song is straight or satirical. rho00325


Joseph Hutchison said...

Your poem seems definitely satirical, but with such a light touch. Funny! Reminds me of something by Howard Nemerov (quoting from memory):

In a sense.
In no sense!

Was that it?
Was that it?
Was that it?

That was it.

(I can't remember the title and am too tired to look it up. It's 2:30 in the a.m. and I've just about got myself ready to [hopefully] go back to sleep.)

P.S. I've sworn off Jim Kunstler. His blog too freely mixes fact and doomsday fiction. (I don't think he can tell the difference between his novels and reality.) It would be an interesting project to go back to the beginning of his blog and see how accurate his predictions have been. But it probably wouldn't help. He seems to think like the leader of a cult: the spaceship's non-arrival would just prove his point.

baj salchert said...

I'll go with that, and the Nemerov poem made me realize how strongly I enjoy word play.

Kunstler? Yah, and there are--though I haven't tried to find out--probably a dozen more.