Saturday, March 28, 2009


I'M IN THE BATHROOM. THAT'S OKAY. Not really. So hurriedly I reconstruct my necessaries and awkwardly make my way to the door. He extends to me a handful of somewhat soggy mail which I use two hands to grasp while I think thank you--do not recall if I actually said it. Some background: After waking at AM 7:06 and hearing moderately heavy rain, and in the distance two thunderings, I stayed up. The mail boxes here are deep but otherwise small, and he had two items that were not easy to bend. It was after PM 2 when he arrived and these days I usually need to visit the bathroom every -/+ three hours. Still, it baffles and annoys me that I am often interrupted at moments when I least need to be. The two books I received today: - Studia Mystica Poetry and Mysticism Volume IX, Number 4 Winter 1986 (four poems I wrote are in it) -- It was through the kindness of Professor Robert Boenig at TAMU that I was able to secure a copy. -- - Another Song I Know -- short poems by William Michaelian. He and I and Gary B. Fitzgerald are engaged in a 3-way book exchange. Hopefully I will be able to send a copy of my book to each of them this coming week. Two books I received earlier this month from the Academy of American Poets: - the true keeps calm biding its story by Rusty Morrison Winner of the 2008 James Laughlin Award of the Academy of American Poets - American Poet -- The Journal of the Academy of American Poets Volume 36 Spring 2009 rho00324