Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rhetoric Questings

On Volume in Poetry is a provocative essay in his continuing effort to define a space hundreds of poets are exploring from hundreds of directions. Names for this space have been proposed: Third Way, Elliptical, American Hybrid. Perhaps it'd be best to let it be nameless. The only other option is to make believe Ron Silliman is Euclid. Then it could be named: Non-Silliman Poetries, or something to that defect. - Read Mr. Abramson's essay and especially the comments by upinVermont, Art Durkee, and Curtis Faville in this order. In northern Wisconsin near Lake Superior the young poet, Aaron Apps, posted Poet as Platypus: a fine example of the integrated thinking prevalent among many younger poets. Reading it will benefit your brain. Charles Bernstein and William Blake are stars in it. rho00326

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baj salchert said...

rhetoric is teachable,
rhetoric is teachable,
rhetoric is teach- uhbull uhbull uhbull.