Friday, March 27, 2009

Indeed Indeed

This music I relate to, only in my case I was not the one who died; but I did mess up severely, and so was part of the reason my other died. Mr. Philip Metres placed a video of it on his blog. Indeed #1 refers to the title of his post. #2 Indeed to his words under the video. a Johnny Cash song that made my eyes glaze rho00323


William Michaelian said...

Brian, we love this song. My son has the CD, and it’s one of my wife’s favorites.

And without a doubt, poets could learn a great deal from it on many levels; but first they would have to lay down their weapons and listen.

baj salchert said...

My wife's (companion wife's) favorite song was Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" although she also liked several other songs.

Speaking laying down weapons and listening, Ron Silliman's latest post, which is about WCW's Spring and All caught Joseph Hutchison off guard. You might want to zip to it. I read it and the then 11 comments about it, but am having trouble grasping it. Think what I need to do is get a copy of the New Directions editon from the library and read it in its entirety.

William Michaelian said...

Really, that’s the only thing to do if one is to understand a work on its own terms.

I’m never quite comfortable with these essays, by Mr. Silliman or by others. To some degree, they support a personal agenda. When I read a statement like “The great tragedy of James Joyce...” I squirm. It’s like saying that a reader’s love for Finnegans Wake is somehow juvenile, or that it needs to be qualified. Meanwhile, am I to believe that the writer making that comment is on the level of Joyce? If so, I have seen no real indication of it. Dedication, yes; determination; fortitude. But genius?

This is the main reason I shy away from introductions and interpretations of a work before reading it — and usually afterward as well. When I read something, I want to know how I will react, not how I should react. I don’t want to be told what to look for. I want to find out what is there myself.

Also, I think the excerpts should be read in context. Out of context, they can be made to mean what they do not mean.

Anyway, I’ve said enough. Probably too much. See you at the library.