Sunday, May 17, 2009

Somehow I feel

everything I've wanted to say I've already said. It's just a matter of finding where all of it is. I could, of course, be wrong about that, even infinitely wrong. In any case, there's enough work to be done with just that I know the whereabouts of to keep me busy for months if the circumstances of my ongoing remain favorable. One project I have in mind is an annotated PDF version of 1976 Today. 366 sonnets would be in it and each would have its own page. Do need to finish posting the Brian's Brain journal, but that rest is offline and unready. --- My computer was at a tech shop for over a week. Got it back Friday afternoon. Spent the time here reading, writing, and going through boxes of materials I hadn't gotten to yet. We took my old computer system and my printer I had stopped using to a recycling place. bl00340

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