Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rodrigo Toscano

is new to me, and I likely would not be bothering with this post if I hadn't noticed ". . . Toscano is major. . . ." in a comment by Kent Johnson. I have been doing some searches, and found that he has an page. Early this afternoon I finished reading the Jacket 28 interview of him by Leonard Schwartz. Because of the keenness of the questions, the appropriateness of the responses-- which include parts of poems by Toscano, and the sonic and intellectual flair of his poem-making, this interview is the best entry for anyone who is not familiar with this NYC-based arbiter and author. Here is a direct link to the interview. On his epc page are numerous links. And here is a link to a post by Mark Scroggins. Do not know if this is a general consensus, but Toscano is a post-Langpo author according to at least one person. From what I have read so far the performance quality in his poems is enticing. Dialogue is a core device for him, and since I have used dialogue in several works, it is easy for me to relate to and enjoy that aspect of his writing. bl00339

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