Sunday, December 21, 2008

Using money rationally

Last night I said in a comment: - Down with debt addiction. Live simply. Save money. . . . In an email received today, Keith Fitz-Gerald wrote: - "In the next ten years, we will see a return of . . . · Savings and frugality · Personal responsibility: paying bills on time, not living beyond one's means · Risk management as central to investing · Stock market investing as a way to get ahead, not 'place bets' on 'lucky stocks'" Rho00244


William Michaelian said...

Let us hope that for many, withdrawal proves to be an enlightening experience.

brian a j salchert said...

Let's hope.

I was forced into withdrawal,
and what I have learned since
is that I would have had a more
fulfilling life if I hadn't
succumbed to living on and over
the fincial edge in the first place.
I could have attained all I sought,
and more, within the meager means
I had.