Saturday, December 20, 2008

Aristophanes, Juvenal, Boccaccio

Aristophanes Juvenal Boccaccio Question: - How are authors such as these relevant today? - Rho00243


Joseph Hutchison said...

A brilliantly sly comment on the whole "relevance" debate going on round and about....



brian a j salchert said...

Honestly, even though I have an aversion to categories, after reading Seth's posts and the responses of you and others to his attempt/ I was trying to find another categorical way to section the poetry universe. However, because I have a British sense of humour, the first thought I had was: I used to be so cute, and now I am just post-gaunt. Then I thought: Heck, if certain poets feel a kinship with others and want to form a group, fine. I'm a group of one. It was after that that what I have here drifted in.