Friday, September 12, 2008

What Moves American Voters

to vote as they do is answered in an article by Jonathan Haidt, a research psychologist. - from the 3rd Culture series: What Makes People Vote Republican? Here are two quotes from the article and five conclusions: two from John Stuart Mill and three from Emile Durkheim: - ". . . morality is any system of interlocking values, practices, institutions, and psychological mechanisms that work together to suppress or regulate selfishness, and make social life possible." "If the Democrats want to understand what makes people vote Republican, they must first understand the full spectrum of American moral concerns." from John Stuart Mill: - harm / care fairness / reciprocity from Emile Durkheim: - ingroup / loyalty authority / respect purity / sanctity [ I knew several days ago about this article because I get an email from Edge, but I had visitors this week. If you read Haidt's piece, you will learn how Mill's and Durkheim's thoughts relate to the liberalism of Democrats and to the conservatism of Republicans. ] Rho00177


Anonymous said...

Obama was on letterman recently, and they were joking pleasantly. I don't know how I feel about it, but I think i feel slightly refreshed because it seemed he actually had a personality, and was just another guy, with his own thoughts, instead of reading off the card, which is what it seems George Bush does.

I also saw this really loaded fox news interview with Obama recently, and I'm pretty happy to say that he handled the bullshit questions and idiotic accusations with integrity and patience. I actually really like the democratic candidate. I am really not that opposed to McCain either, in comparison, although I would be interested to see the White House run by democrats. I'll probably vote third party though, just to try to do something in my power to give power to other parties, instead of the two majors exclusively. I live in California, so it's not an issue.

brian salchert said...

Thank you for this Obama information.
Sounds like he has overcome the Palin shock.
I grew up in a pro-labor Democrat family in Wisconsin.
However, I do not always vote for a
Democrat. I didn't vote for LBJ.
Being quite certain Goldwater would not win,
I voted for him as a way of protesting
LBJ's policies.
I wish we had a viable third party in this nation
or that one of two major parties would find ways
to break from submission to the
military-industrial complex
President Eisenhower warned us about.