Thursday, September 11, 2008

significant 911 notes

* Around a month ago I stopped answering my land line. It continues to be hard to do, but it is imperative. >>> Use your land line for 911 calls. - My new challenge is: to cease visiting adult sites, even though I've been only a now-and-again visitor. Monitor me. I don't care. I won't ever again be going to categorically pornographic sites. However, this decision of mine has nothing to do with any conception of morality. - Back around 1964 during the year I was a drugstore employee/ I tried various tobacco products. Since that time I have stayed away from tobacco products. I never did mess with any of the drugs associated with groups into mind-altering experiences. I did drink beer et cetera rather heavily for a time, but I'm not allowed to drink such beverages anymore and I do not even drink sodas and the like. - I do pray, and all my prayers are prayers of thanks. Yesterday a sister convinced me it is good to pray for one's leaders. I have, but in a general way. If you want to pray for them by name, find out who they are/ if you don't know. - Another, and more difficult goal is: to get myself to stop complaining. Complaining, like worrying, is a waste. Better to act responsibly, and thus erase complaints. * * If you have not registered to vote, register now. Find out where in your area you can register. It does not matter what your opinion of a particular major candidate is, there are others to vote for; and there are issues requiring votes. Citizens who do not vote need to form a party of non-voters and get involved. If you do not participate, you are submitting to whatever results from those who do participate, and that includes the deceptions of candidates. The voting machines some use are one of the issues voters need to address. * Rho00176

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