Friday, September 19, 2008

Wall-Eyed Street's Dazed Days

[ Instructions: Am presenting these articles as to-be-read only. Therefore, links to each will be given here in copy-and-paste form. For those unfamiliar with how to proceed, as I was until I was shown how to by a Microsoft site, place the cursor of your mouse at the beginning of a link and (holding down the mouse's left key while making sure the cursor's showing a vertical line) black through the link. Next, go up to the task bar. To the right of Tools there/ is a two-page icon. If you place your cursor by that icon, the word "copy" will appear. Click that icon. Note: Depending on your system setup, you may have to minimize this post before the next step. The minimize button is the third from the right at the top of the window. Clicking it will collapse the blog window to the task bar at the bottom of the AOL screen, making the present dark identifier bar a silver one. Now go find a search engine entry bar. Make sure the bar is clear. Click that space so the pulsing vertical cursor line will show at its left end. Click the icon which shows the word "paste". The link you copied will now appear in the search space. Do the search. When you want to return to the blog post, click the blog's silver identifier bar. ] ---------------------------------------------------- This URL goes to Steve Fraser's article "The End of a Gilded Age" at TomDispatch. Do take a look at it. You will quickly know what it is about, and it is a fairly easy read. - --------------------------------------------------- This URL goes to R. Shah Gilani's article about credit default swaps at MoneyMorning. This article is more technical, but is clear. Gilani's view differs from Fraser's view. - Both articles are copyrighted, which is why I prefer they be read only. Rho00182

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