Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Leaking water heater

forced me to call management, and they sent out a maintenance man. Heater is fixed, but because the furnace is below it/ and the filter for the furnace sits atop the furnace, the filter got soaked and I was told not to put a new filter in until tomorrow. The maintenance man will be back tomorrow. Had to turn off the heat. Luckily, if I need them, I have enough blankets. Rho00181


William Michaelian said...

For what it’s worth, this old entry is probably at least partly accurate.

brian salchert said...

"These Changing Times" brings to mind
what I intended to email you about:
a period of my life that covered
approximately 17 years (1987-2003).
I now think I'll try to put together
some posts instead.
What you wrote is more than just
partly accurate.
Maybe I'll go back to 1982 and all
the way to now.

William Michaelian said...

Thanks for reading “These Changing Times.” In many respects, our writing is an open letter anyway.

When I visited Armenia in 1982, I paid eight rubles for a gray “Luxus” hat, size 58. I still have it, but it no longer fits. That’s the price one pays for being thick-headed, I guess.