Thursday, July 17, 2008

In Transit two

Two Shortly after I was born/ I was taken back to the hospital. Somehow I had contracted impetigo. That disease is contagious. I've been told I was placed in a warm room and was unclothed. Recollections of those days are nil, but I have an unprovable theory about them. Since it was somewhat like returning to the comfort of the womb, I think it may have had a positive effect on me. On the other hand, since I was unclothed, I think my exhibitionist tendencies and/ may have begun there. Although I do not recall those times either, I was, apparently, somewhat aggressively precocious. One of my sisters has told me I would get up on top of the kitchen table and attempt to argue with my dad, but as he wanted nothing to do with it, he would just eat a little faster and go outside. One day when I was yet quite young I had a conversation with an adult female neighbor while sitting with her on their family's front steps. The contents of that conversation I have no memory of, but I later found out she told my mother I talked like an adult. We and our neighbors lived near what then was the west edge of FdL, yet we had sidewalks and sewers and street lights. Oh the stories they were props in! Unlike most other kids--being a dreamer and adventurer, during my tricycle days I sometimes pedalled beyond our corner lots. Two such got me into trouble. Around two blocks to the south/ the sidewalk along the street our house faced/ passed a vacant lot, and there was a shallow dip. Don't recall how I got past it going south, but I do recall deciding to ride through it on my way back north. Suddenly, the dip proved/ I was the dip. Incident two was propelled by curiosity. I heard music in the distance to the east, and I pedalled off in search of its source. I found it: a band, a marching-type band, near the railroad tracks just north of the train station. That station was nearly a mile from where we lived. On my way home, my parents showed up in the family car. Am unclear about that, but I think that is what happened. When I was older, my sisters and I got the brilliant idea of twirling our bodies around in our livingroom. It was a dizzy idea, and who was the first victim: I was. Splat. My forehead against the wooden arm of dad's easy chair. Mother called the family doctor and rushed me to his office. 4 stitches. One of the first questions a neurologist asks when you visit him/her because you have had a seizure is: "Have you had any head injuries?" I haven't kept a count. Rho00117 Gustav Holst The Planets Op.32 Mars

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