Friday, July 18, 2008

In Transit three

Three After finishing Morning Kindergarten, I was placed in Afternoon Kindergarten because it was determined I was not socially ready to enter First Grade. What they did not realize was that I would never be socially ready. The Second Grade I was in also had students who were in the Third Grade. A day came when the teacher was teaching Third Grade math. I was watching. She saw that I was watching. Strangely, when a Third Grade student up at the blackboard (greenboard?) was unable to produce the correct answer to the problem there, she asked me to try. Since I do not recall the problem, I cannot say I answered it correctly, but my emotional memory says I did. No big deal, though, since I didn't get moved up to the Third Grade. When I was in the First Grade, my parents had me take piano lessons, but there were two conditions against me: small hands and poor brain-to-fingers coordination. It happened I became ill with measles during that time. Dealing with them gave me time to think. I decided to/ quit taking piano lessons. My parents also got me into a cub scout den and then into a boy scout troop. What I learned from those experiences was worth the while, but I never made First Class as a boy scout. Due to breathing difficulties I was unable to overcome, I couldn't swim the required 50 yards. One summer I came upon an empty "tiny" white cardboard box, a box which may have been for some item of jewelry. I took it and made it a magical box, placing short curlicues of white paper in it & other things, all of which I made magical. It was then that the word "Rhodingeedaddee" arrived. Why? From where? I have no clue, but that is the way I remember it. What they did not realize was: I never would be socially ready. When I was eleven or twelve, my interest in space and stars made me want to become an astrophysicist. However, I was exploring other disciplines also, one which resulted in the crafting of my first poem. I call that poem a verse now. It, along with 23 other early verses, is online in my S H. In high school I found math and sciences less appealing than the humanities. My grades were on the exceptional side/ but had I been placed a grade higher/ I feel to this day/ I would have put more effort into what I was studying. I did resume trying to write poems, and one was sent to a national high school competition and was included in an anthology and a year or so later in an issue of the Marquette Journal. It was my first sonnet, but it began as a longer, looser poem (verse). Somehow, while in high school, Charles Péguy ..... drew my attention. Attempted to imitate him, but just once. Rho00118 Gustav Holst The Planets Op.32 Uranus

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