Tuesday, June 3, 2008

why this blog

For my own pleasure and learning mostly. Yet this is one record of what interests me/ anyone is welcome to read. I once thought blogging was a sure way for me to connect to hundreds of humans, but that notion passed shortly after I first established an online presence in 2000, though that presence was a regular web site, and then another. For two years in the early going I maintained a domain, and during that Ibnar time tried to become my own webring, building up to 6 Atriums (as I called them). Even tried to start a business, foolish me. My Gateway system came with a connection to AOL, and I did use Hometown in small ways, but as it turned out/ my major sites were Tripod and ThirdAge sites. Had an autobio stick figure site at Yahoo! and several times began sites in MSN. The failed BizLand site was more like a story poem than a business, and that I didn't complete, but I did save it offline/ and now it is online again in Sprintedon Hollow. At least I think that is where it is. Do I know where I am? Don't ask. After buying an HP Compaq XP IE6 system in 2006 when I'd already cut back to 3 Atriums, trouble (courtesy of IE6) forced me out of my two major sites. Once had six screen names. Two remain. Attempted to begin an AOL Journals blog, but IE6 didn't like that idea either. Approximately a year later an AOL tech woman talked me into trying again. So on November 3, 2006, I began what I then named Salchert's Weblog. A certain tenacity is required by anyone who decides to become an online citizen. Especially for someone as introverted as I am/ there is no popularity guarantee. Besides, due to two illnesses, I had to quit working and quit driving early in January of 2003. Only twice since then have I traveled alone: on planes from Gainesville, FL, to Milwakee, WI, and from Milwaukee back to Gainesville. So why this blog? Was told most poets have blogspot blogs. That was reason one. Reason two was my thinking that I could make this blog sufficiently unlike S H. Knew I would not place any of my poems or math investigations here. Difficult as it had been to post some of that work at AOL Journals, I was sure it would be impossible for me to post those same pieces here. Other reasons have surfaced since June 22, 2007, the date of my initial Rho post. In the spaces not dedicated to posts/ Blogger's program is more flexible. Also, since I decided to repost some of what was in Tripod and ThirdAge, by having a second blog/ I could put my Brian's Brain journal in Rho and my Edges of Knowledge journal in S H, both of which I was doing until my enthusiasm waned. Not sure when I'll get back to them. The only video I have posted is in this blog. Found the instructions provided by Google and YouTube, however, confusing to the point where I almost killed my welcome to YouTube. Before 2000, most of the computers I had any experience with were Hospitality Industry computers because I had been a night auditor at motels and hotels for over 25 years. Unless instructions are step-by-step clear, they are of no value to me. Stop. ~!@#$%^&*()_+ } Rho00085

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