Thursday, June 5, 2008

hectic day

Between John Latta, Stan Apps, Jasper Bernes, Linh Dinh, and Joseph Hutchison, and others, and closer-to-home situations, I have been swirling. Found what I surmise was a robin's nest this morning when I went out to place some mail to be picked up/ in my mail box. This complex doesn't have any outgoing mail boxes. When upon going out later to check for new mail/ I found that the carrier had not taken the letters I left in the box, anger/frustration/action used up the next two hours. The robin's nest? Between my/ two trips out/ it flew off. Rho00086


Joseph Hutchison said...

Brian, this puts me in mind of Robert Lowell, in "Fall 1961":

Back and forth, back and forth—
my one point of rest
is the orange and black
oriole's swinging nest!

Even Lowell's swirling mind settled down eventually...

Joe H

brian salchert said...

Aah! One summer during my youth
a Baltimore Oriole pair built a
nest in an elm in our yard. I
remember placing thread strands of
various colors on the grass for them.

Am afraid my swirling mind has
passed settling until its dead.
Too much happening on this planet
these days. Just added a link to
a young futurist's site in my
E-Whip Oases section.

Thank you for visiting
and commenting, Joseph.