Wednesday, June 25, 2008

what defines an art movement

A strong leader or leaders who are able to manifest the central parameters and goals of a concept; and who are efficient promoters. A group of others to whom what has been manifested/ appeals. An actual name for a movement; or the willingness of those who artistically practice the tenets of a movement/ to allow a name for their movement to be given by an outsider or outsiders once it has grown and strengthened, becoming thereby obvious and acceptable to enough others to warrant serious attention. Revelatory artifacts. Dedication, doggedness, tactics. --- Art movements which are milieu- related/ may be remembered but/ do not have the staying power of art movements which are humanity- related. Of course, in a capitalistic society (or similar totalitarian realm)/ much depends on the dread wheelbarrow that hides the white chickens. One fact about a movement: you usually feel better after it. I am an old duck with duckling feathers. [ to be re-sinewed ] Rho00103

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