Friday, June 27, 2008

Mayfly Age of Fossil Fuels

We have been alive in a wondrous though flawed period of history, and in a blessed though awry nation. This period, this Mayfly Age of Fossil Fuels, is entering its decline, and that decline could well become precipitous. In this post I intend, as I often do, to let those who are more knowledgeable present their visions. Therefore, links will be used. The first of these addresses peak oil. The second addresses the now and the future and the far future. Then there will be links to other current and future sites. Am letting each introduce itself. 1. ..... 2. ..... 3. ..... 4. ..... 5. ..... 6. ..... 7. ..... 8. ..... 9. ..... Hope you don't mind the surprise factor. 9:15 PM - Here are 3 bonuses: - from President G. W. Bush's eco-friendly ranch - Richard Heinberg's website ..... - Naomi Klein's organization ..... Rho00104

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Pris said...

Hi Brian
I haven't read the links yet. Am up early and the brain can't wrap itself around anything too complex quite yet:-) I mainly came to thank you for your comments on my blog. Yes, do read A.D. Winans. He's very good.

You have an interesting blog. I'll come back when more awake and explore more.