Wednesday, November 21, 2007


About Existence ". . . gosh! Everything is trash!" from John Ashbery's The Skaters Who is this "I" I am? Ultimately, in spite of how much can be learned about the workings of my troubled brain, it is not possible to know. There are details about my presence, such as: the date of my birth and the where of it and to whom & on & on. Each of which raises questions such as: Why? Answers have been given, and every day new discoveries/ seemingly/ solve mysteries. Still, mysteries remain because what has become known as "the butterfly effect" is not merely pertinent to weather forecasting. It is inherent in every thing, of which this whirling orbiting imperfect globe we inhabit is but one example. Even the spheres of faith persist in mysteries. So who am I? I am a node of mysteries. More: I am a constantly changing node of constantly changing mysteries. Example: An itch sensation occurs on my skin; and I, whether or not I ought to, respond by scratching the location where I sense it is. These events change my future. You may think that's nonsense, that such events are inconsequential; but I think every event is of consequence. Obviously, some events are more consequential than others. "Danger! danger! Will Robinson." So, what becomes of interest/ are the questions, and the answers (tentative and definite) to those questions. Certainly, the pervading definite is: asking questions is central to our nature. Because humans have the ability to think abstractly, to reflect, to imagine, to communicate, humans innately seek to explore and understand the unknown. One known is this: If I am only a physical being and am not imbued with a spirit which survives beyond my returning to dust, that which seems spiritual in me will also end. I am not going to argue with this other than to maintain that it remains an if, that it hasn't been sufficiently proven yet that we are nothing more than what the physical aspects of us potentiate. ------------------ See directory2007 in Catmap. Rho00024 *

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