Saturday, August 18, 2007

where i am

How markedly I've screwed up my life: I do not want to think about it; and you, I doubt, want to know. And yet those wonders which presently are filtering into my waning days/ might never have been had I not made the errors I've made. To demystify the mystery of being would require that knowledge which only an Alpha Omega Infinite possesses. So it is AM 11:51 this Saturday of 18 August, 2007; and I am here on my pillowed stool typing these symbols. At the same time, I am several elsewheres via my senses and the activities in my mind. Noon approaches. I am alone. Possibly not. Unexpectedly/ voices escape from my subconscious// speak to me: congenial voices. They are, however somewhat odd, and in that way like the sounds of machines and certain natural sounds. The story writers have/ a keener sense of such voicings. But I digress. Where I am, honestly, is to me a persistent unknown. Each current moment depends so heavily on each past (passed) moment; yet, is just that: a current: a moving/ Janus enigma; and while what happens at each new point appears to matter as regards each future moment, there are far too many variables for such an appearance to be ever reliable. So: sometimes yes; sometimes no. Uncertainty is my milieu/// I once wrote. Homo sapiens. Sure, sure. Constantly phasing into this or that while phasing out from this or that, my being is unfathomable to me, however fathomable my biological manifestation. And what are we headed toward? I have called it: Machina sapiens; another calls it: Cyber sapiens. Read Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, S.J.: his book The Phenomenon of Man especially. Also read this essay by Peter Weibel (all three parts). * See directory2007 in Catmap. ---------------- Rho00016

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