Monday, August 20, 2007

Regarding Creativity

Heavy rain day, but it may be passing. = = = = = = = = ~ I am interested in knowing how: 1) one's intelligence(s) 2) one's body (physical manifestation) 3) one's personality (MBTI / MMPI) 4) one's spirituality (root tenets) 5) one's ongoing learning 6) one's ongoing health 7) one's ongoing character development 8) one's ongoing belief nuancings 9) one's interactions with one's self 10) one's interactions with other humans 11) one's interactions with other non-human animals 12) one's interactions with non-animal others 13) one's interactions with one's use of symbols 14) one's interactions with an other's use of symbols 15) one's present and/or past diseases 16) one's (if any) almost-died-from experiences 17) one's (if any) could-have-died-from experiences 18) one's physical dexterities 19) one's mental agilities 20) one's social proclivities 21) one's habits 22) one's "perceived" needs 23) one's "perceived" fears 24) one's sense of humor 25) one's Earth-alive being miracle 26) one's "right" choices 27) one's "wrong" choices 28) one's immediate environment 29) one's whatever else impacts/impact one's creativity; or, rather, one's ability to create and the attendant value(s) thereof; and why one creates, and how one creates, and what one creates, and for whom one creates. --- As to when and where: these, for me, usually are not determinable before the act. Of course, sometimes the why, how, what, and for whom are not either. --- See directory2007 in Catmap. --- Copyright © 2007 Brian Salchert Rho00017

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